Research Application

Research Application

The Duchenne Parent Project Netherlands (DPP NL) promotes research in the search for a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. DPP NL sponsors promising research projects and fellowships, fast exchange of data and stimulates international collaboration. Researchers from all countries are invited to submit a research project to DPP NL.
Duchenne Parent Project NL has invested over 20 million euro in research towards viable treatments for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy over the last 20 years.

Special call for grantapplications addressing Nutrition

In contrast to other years DPP NL will in 2018 only welcome grant applications related to Nutrition and DMD.
Background: As research towards optimal nutrition for DMD patients is an important but underserved area, our call for grant applications will be focused on research related to Nutrition for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
The precise role of nutrition and metabolic problems has not been studied well. In early stages overweight is common while in later stages patients are at risk for malnutrition often due to chewing, swallowing and GI problems. Not many well-designed studies, both preclinical and clinical with regard to different nutrients and the use of dietary supplements have been performed. There is a need for natural history data and good outcome measures regarding body composition and metabolism tailored to DMD patients. Good guidelines for maintaining a healthy weight and nutritional intake are currently lacking as well as knowledge how to persuade parents and patients to keep a healthy diet.

Application Form

Next deadline: June 1st, 2018.
Download form here.

Fast track application

We give you the opportunity to apply for smaller projects. Please click here.

Conditions for funding

  • Multi-track policy: we sponsor the widest possible range of research, including basic research, rehabilitation research, quality of life and genetic research.
  • Innovative research for finding a cure
  • Avoidance of diarchy in research
  • Results should be generally available and measurable
  • Sponsored projects will be monitored closely and researchers are required to submit a progress report and final report
  • Based on the results of the progress report the Scientific Advisory Board advices DPP NL annually on the continuation of the sponsorship of the projects


  • Projects should be in accordance with the aims of DPP NL
  • We encourage innovative projects
  • Both research projects and fellowships may be submitted
  • Funding will be for a maximum of two years
  • A PI can submit a maximum of two proposals
  • Please submit in English language
  • Give a brief description of the rationale and design of the experiments in language that is clear for reviewers outside the field
  • Include a clear summary for lay persons so that the parents can understand the project
  • Funding to a maximum of 100.000 euro. If exceed please explain
  • DPP NL does not fund overhead or VAT expenses
  • Project should start within one year after approval
  • For information about further grant conditions a request for the standard contract can be sent to

For further information, contact Roos de Jonge, research coordinator at

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